Crafted Log

Our Story

In 2002, from a small tool shed, and in a home area we called The Land of Oz, we began our Crafted Log journey. With a desire to create unique, quality rustic furniture, we learned more about the process of wood furniture creation. The little shed no longer large enough, we moved to several large tents in the back yard of Oz, which provided a painting area and greater working space.

Over the next 8 years, we worked hard at making our log furniture a serious business. Taking special orders, we made several hundred pieces of various log furniture to include tables, chairs, and end tables for beds and bedrooms. Our specialty was then, and still is, the log bed. During this time, we manufactured over 50 beds, all of different and unique design.

Our furniture was made from cedar logs we secured, through our own hard labor, from fire ravaged public lands. The slightly burned logs added an amazing beauty to the finished products.

Our original business had the skill and creative mind to make amazing furniture, however, we lacked in marketing skills. The furniture was truly amazing, as photos will reveal, but we could not find the appropriate buying audience to maintain our business. Eventually, The Crafted Log was put “on hold” and we took a job working in a wood furniture manufacturing company. From 2010 to 2013, we worked in this business. During this time we gained tremendous experience and skill in design and creation of log furniture, and gained knowledge in the marketing end of business.

With a sincere desire to be in charge of creating and supplying our own custom log furniture, we have taken “off hold” The Crafted Log

business. We are confident that if you review what we have to offer, you will make The Crafted Log your source for custom, beautiful and unique log furniture.